Debbie Felt's Preschool

License# 313607138;

Insured; Experienced and Educated with a

Degree in Early Child Development

Sensory Experiences

We learn through sensory touch, feel,

taste, smell, hearing & our  observations. When we learn through such experiences our knowledge is cemented in our memory via the song, the smell, the touch, the sign and quickly comes to mind when recalled.


Social & Emotional Experiences

We build trust, confidence, and self esteem through social and emotional age appropriate play. We help children develop skills to enhance the ability to make friendships, good choices, and show empathy for others we do this through example as loving teachers by the way we love one another, treat our own family and friends.


 We have 25+  Years Experience SERVING LINCOLN CA FAMILIES and  have developed  the perfect balance of " learning thru play "  with just enough structure to help your little one enjoy the transition from home to school !
  • Half day morning classes,
  • Half day afternoon classes or Extended day (6.5 hrs)
  • to fit your family's needs.(8:30AM-11:30AM,    12:00pm-3:00pm  or  8:30 am-3:00pm)
  • Two days a week,
  • Three days a week or
  • Five days a week;
  • Learning through play with a developmentally appropriate curriculum ;
  • Will help with potty training at no extra cost
  • Accepting ages 20 mo/ thru school age;

  • Why choose us? Because we love our job and the children love our farm!

Academic Enrichment 

When we fill their  environment with exposure of  language, science and math  using  a diversity of tools such as music, song, movement, and things that interest them,  children will  remember what they've been exposed to and when the time comes to recall what exactly they know ...their memory will not fail them.. they will know the things they need to know in their future academic educations.